LBC’s Transformation of Downtown Quincy Building to Hotel a Success

LBC Boston pic

LBC Boston

An experienced real estate developer in Massachusetts, Andrian Shapiro has spearheaded numerous community projects across the state during his career. In his current role, Andrian Shapiro serves as the managing partner of LBC Boston, where he is heading up a revitalization effort in downtown Quincy that will bring affordable housing and updated infrastructure.

In the company’s efforts to strategically invest in the renewal of downtown Quincy, LBC Boston opened a new extended-stay lodging facility, dubbed Nova Suites, on Cottage Avenue earlier this year. The facility is being marketed toward vacationers and professionals who need a multiday stay in town while traveling. To complete the new facility, LBC had to undertake an expansive renovation of the old building, which was more than 100 years old.

Businesses in the area have expressed their appreciation and excitement about the new hotel opening, saying that it improves the look of the neighborhood and has dispersed a dubious element that led to enhanced police presence before. In addition to the hotel, LBC Boston is looking at renovating five additional properties in Quincy Center over the coming year.