Andrian ShapiroAn experienced business administrator who has found success in a number of diverse market sectors, Andrian Shapiro earned a master’s degree in economics summa cum laude from the Institute of Economics in Kiev, Ukraine, and a juris doctor summa cum laude from the Law Academy of Odessa in Odessa, Ukraine. Settling in the United States in the early 2000s, Andrian Shapiro founded successful pharmacy and medical rehabilitation chains in the state of Massachusetts.

Andrian Shapiro established LBC Boston in 2003 to oversee investments in commercial real estate properties ranging from hospitality and entertainment to health care and in community development projects. As the current managing partner of LBC, he manages a portfolio that contains more than a million square feet of real estate in the greater Boston area. Since 2014, Mr. Shapiro has increasingly focused on investment opportunities in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts, and plays a key role in the civic invigoration efforts of the Quincy Redevelopment Project.